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Music has always been sustaining and nurturing to me since I was a child.  My grandmother Aylsa, my mother Ann and my father Ray always were playing music either live or recorded.  My early memories of my mother playing gypsy music or my father playing jazz on his tenor sax led me into all of the many musics I have been blessed to experience.  I thank them with infinite gratitude.


An Intimate Evening with Yair Dalal

Violist Ray Tischer performing with International Israeli violinist/oud
player Yair Dalal and percussionist Debbie Fier at an Intimate Evening
with Yair Dalal
at Kehilla Synagogue in Piedmont CA in 2008


This page shows some of my favorite artists. I met Yair Dalal when I was touring Israel in 2007. His playing expresses the subtle and sensual beauty of Middle Eastern music and art. It was during that tour of Israel, when I was by the Sea of Galilee on November 19, 2007, that my mother passed from this world.


2006 Panzumo Spring Concert

Ray Tischer and Budhi Harlow perform in the 2006 Panzumo
Spring Concert
at the the Music Academy of the West


Master percussionist Budhi Harlow taught me about the potency and power of African music through our collaboration in recording and live performances with Panzumo, the well known West Coast African music and dance troupe. His partner Lisa Beck, a superb singer and dancer of African and other ethnic musics can be heard on Rezz Dawg Viola CD in Chant of the Orishas.



The cover of my recent 2011 CD, Rezz Dawg Viola